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The RRS-Yoke provides a ultra lightweight (.8 oz!), ultra compact, traditional yoke for shooting. Although it does not compare to the V2 SnipePod's mechanical rifle attachment, ultrafast target acquisition, and glass smooth ball socket panning, the RRS-Yoke does have a role.  The RRS-Yoke has both  a 1/4X20tpi female thread, and the 60° beveled base which allows it to attach to the KDC Granite, 3L-V2-Combo, as well as any other brand of tripod that provides a 1/4X20tpi male attachment on top. The beveled base mates with the RRS-Shoe and NanoHead pan head. The RRS-Yoke is a great backup solution for professional guides to assist clients who come unprepared for long range shooting. Some firearms do not provide either a QD stud or a Picatinny rail, but can easily be supported with the RRS-Yoke. A great solution when other options are not workable.

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