SnipePod V2

The no compromise bipod for the uncompromising hunter! The lightest, smallest and most functional bipod ever created.

SnipePod V2 Information

RRS NanoHead

The KDC NanoHead is the smallest lightest ball-bearing 2 axis pan head in the world. A perfect topper for a 3L/V2 or Granite Peak.

RRS NanoHead Information

Third Leg Conversion for SnipePod V2

For less than 3 ounces, the 3L converts your V2 SnipePod to a full function tripod capable of supporting binos, spotters, cameras, etc.

3L Conversion Information

Granite Peak Tripod

A dedicated ultralightweight tripod for archery hunters or rifle hunters who prefer to separate optics from shooting requirements.

Granite Peak Information

RRS Quick Attach Hotshoe

Top off the 3L/V2 or Granite Peak Tripod with a quick attach shoe to make swapping optics quick and easy.

RRS Information

Binocular Mount (RRS)

Accessories to top off the 3L/V2 or Granite Peak Tripod. Bino attachments, spotter attachment, and more.

RRS Bino Tower/Mount Information