V2 SnipePod Overview

The V2 SnipePod is the world's only variable crotch bipod design.  The foundation of the designs are the two ball sockets at the top of each leg. The ball sockest provides a 85° angled cone that the leg is free to move inside, independently for each other. This range of motion gives the V2 SnipePod 85° of side-to-side cant, 85° for vertical panning, and over 180° of horizontal panning.  

The quick attach design includes a small, nano-weight (under 2oz) mount that clamps onto the front Quick Detach (QD) sling stud on your rifle. KDC also has an accessory Picatinnay rail mount is available. With a easy to use push/pull pin, the legs of the V2 SnipePod can be attached to a firearm in sub-second time frame.

Unlike the compromised functionality of a crossed shooting stick, the V2 SnipePod in mechanically connected to your rifle, thereby freeing up your front hand to perform more important tasks like handling a range-finder or bracing your upper body for improved accuracy. 

The ball sockets are CNC machined from 6061-T651 aluminum.  This aluminum is where the V2 SnipePod gets its strength of compression on the ball.  This means, the legs stay in whatever position to put them in.  Pick up the rifle, and the legs stay in the exact position that they leff the ground from. 

Inside each aluminum ball socket is thin upper hemisphere of machined Delrin Acetal. There also is a O-Ring that the ball shaft protrudes through, and it also is Delrin Acetal.  The bottom line is the V2 SnipePod has stiff ball socket that will also give glass smooth panning on any angle. Win-Win.

Weight and size are also world class. For example, the very popular 30" sitting model V2 SnipePod weighs 5.5 ounces and packs to about 7 inches.