Granite Peak Tripod

Granite Peak Tripod Overview

The Granite Peak Tripod is designed for individuals who do not have a requirement for a firearm bipod. Backpackers, archery hunters, birders, and lightweight photographers also have the same desire for a ultra lightweight and compactness in a tripod design.

Another view point for the rifle hunter is concurrent usage. If you have both the V2 SnipePod for your shooting and the Granite Peak for optics, you can use them at the same time. Imagine sitting on the side of a Montana mountain in 12" of snow. You can pre attach the V2 SnipePod to your rifle, and set in within reach out of the snow, while at the same time deploy your Granite Peak and optics for some serious glassing.

CNC machined from 6061-T6511 aluminum to exact tolerances, the Granite Peak is a rock solid and flexible solution. Each of the leg ball sockets provide over 80° of mobility, which allows quick and easy height adjustments. The mobility of the leg ball sockets also allows the Granite Peak to easily straddle your body when sitting so that your binos or spotting scope is perfectly position for long, comfortable viewing sessions. No arching your back, straining to get behind your optics, just easy comfortable viewing!

Granite Peak Independent
Ball Sockets
Granite Peak Panning Ball-Head

The Granite Peak has two different panhead choices.

  1. The single ball panhead is adjustable for tension with a knurled thumbscrew.  Loosen the thumbscrew and your optics pan horizontally, vertically and cant all at the same time.  Simple yet effective. Total weight under 3 ounces.
  2. The RRS NanoHead takes your optic management to the next level.  Horizontal axis movement is isolated from vertical axis.  Vertical axis tension is controlled
    by tightening/loosing the driver handle.  Horizontal axis tension is controlled by the red knob on the side of the NanoHead.  Horizontal panning is on dual deep grove ball bearings for precise and smooth action. Total weight under 5 ounces.


The optional OBA (Optics Balance Adjuster, compensates for poorly-balanced optic solutions and makes pinpoint target acquisition during the lock-down of the optics ball socket.

There is a knurled "optics plateau" with a rubber/cork blend washer threaded onto the optic-standard 1/4" X 20TPI screw. You can directly attach your spotting scope, camera, bino adapter, etc. to this screw, and tighten the optic plateau up to the bottom for a security mount. And of course, our OBA can mount the same way.

The sitting model of the Granite Peak all tip the scale at an amazing 9.3 ounces or less.

Our simple and straight forward "triple-string" is also included. Attach a clip to each of the three legs, and add weight to the center or pull down with your hand, and compensate for those high wind days.

Granite Peak Tripod
illustrating OBA direct threading option
Granite Peak Tripod
illustrating OBA sliding in KDC Rapid-Release Shoe
Tripod with triple string
and water bottle weight on
20° side hill
Closeup of Triple-String clip installation

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