Swarovski SLC Bino

The Swarovski SLC binos follow the industry standard convention of a 1/4 X 20tpi (threads per inch) female thread on the front hinge of the binos. They use the popular RRS-BT-M1.

Closeup of 1/4X20tpi bino stud
for Swaro SLC

Swarovski NL Pure

The Swarovski NL Pure binos do not have a female 1/4X20 thread on the front hinge as the SLC model does. Instead the NL Pure has a proprietary design. KDC's has designed a mount for the NL that works with the RRS Bino Tower.

Underneath the cosmetic cover with the Swaro-Hawk is a access-plug that is easily un-threaded with a Torx-20 bit. The KDC Swaro-NL mount is then threaded into the front hinge, and the 9/16" hex jam nut is tighten. No liquid threadlocker is required!

NL-Pure Mount
NL 10X32 Cosmetic Cover Removal NL Internal Access Plug
KDC NL Mount B-4 Install KDC NL Mount Installed/showing enduser tools

The following table illustrates the balance problem with the NL Pure, and how it is corrected by use of the RRS-OBA (Optics Balance Adjuster).

NL 10x32 on back
before balance check
NL 10x32 free floated
illustrating imbalance
NL 10x32 with RRS-OBA showing
perfect balance point
NL 10x32 attached
to Granite Peak tripod

Swarovski EL

The popular Swarovski EL binos, like the NL Pure, do not have the standard female 1/4X20 tpi on the front hinge. KDC has developed the proper tools to replace the front hinge pin on EL binos with a duplicate hinge pin that integrates the mount design to mate with our RRS Bino Tower. This hinge pin replacement can only be preformed at our manufacturing facilities. Replacing the Swarovski hinge with the RRS-EL make no changes to the collimation of the ELs or changes any other performance factors.

EL 10X32 with RRS-EL mount EL attached to RRS Bino Tower

The design of the RRS-EL hinge pin places the bino tower 180 degrees opposite of the more typicaly 1/4X20 mount location. The EL's have ample space between the front and rear hinge locations to accomodate this position. The design of the RRS Bino Tower Mount is short and compact, preserving the maximum space beween the EL's front & rear hinges to accommodate the human hand. The dual hinge design of the ELs places the RRS-Bino Tower close to the objective lenses at the front of the ELs. This introduces a significant bino-to-tripod imbalance. This imbalance is easily rectified by using the RRS-OBA as the following table illustrates.

Typical tripod attachment location
with weight distributed towards ocular end
EL with weight shifted properly via RRS-OBA EL 10X32 perfectly balanced on Granite Peak Tripod

Swarovski CL Pocket

For the uncompromizing ultralight hunter, treker or birder the Swarovski Pocket binos have no peers. As wonderful as these little jems are, Swarovski does not provide a mechanical attachment for tripoding. KDC now has the worlds only tripod attachment system for the CL Pockets! CNC machined from solid 6061-T651 billet aluminum, the RRS-BT-CL is functional, light and trick!

Various Pics of Swaro CL 10X25 on Granite Peak Tripod


CL Mounts on table


Various Views of CL 10X25 with  RRS-BT-CL Mount