KDC Product Families.

Product families. (logos below)

  1. V2 SnipePod family includes the bipod and firearm mounts. A subset of the V2 SnipePod family is the 3L. The 3L is a third leg that mates with the V2 SnipePod to form a tripod for use with optics like binoculars, spotters, and camera. The 3L logo is a companion to the V2,  it requires the V2, but the V2 does not require 3L!
  2. The Granite Peak or GP is a family of dedicated tripods exclusively for optic support. Below is the GP logo.
  3. The Rapid Release System or RRS is a group of accessories designed attach to both the V2/3L combo and the GP.  The RRS includes bino, spotter, and camera mounting.   Here is were you will find the KDC NanoHead.