V2 vs V1 Legacy SnipePod

SnipePod V2... totally redesigned in 2011.

The original, or legacy V1 SnipePod was designed in 1990 and introduced to the market in 1992 During its lifespan, it earned a loyal and dedicated following of the most knowledgeable and demanding hunters. These hunters range from the extreme sheep and goat hunters to the no-compromise predator hunters across the globe.

During its lifetime, KDC intently listened to and made note of the desires and enhancement requests of these shooters. The culmination of this process is the SnipePod V2, introduced in January 2011.

In 2007, KDC built a new manufacturing facility and upon completion, installed a HAAS CNC Milling Center, and a HAAS CNC Turning Center. The in-sourcing of all production positioned KDC to implement the enhancements of the SnipePod V2 as well as important accessories such as the V2 Tripod conversion.

The following illustrations provide a quick comparison of the V2 and V1 SnipePods.

SnipePod V2 verses V1 Legacy model

  • CNC machined from 6061 aluminum.
  • Very consistent and tight tolerances.
  • Ambidextrous attachment in field LEFT or RIGHT Handed.
  • Lighter 5 ounces for sitting models.
  • Smoother mount design allows even easier slipping into horse/atv/backpack scabbards.
  • Rotates forward to allow storing under rifle barrel!
  • Maintains the ability to rotate reward as in V1.
  • Increased range of motion in SnipePod V2 ball socket 80°/SnipePod V2 verses 64°/V1 SnipePod.
  • Simpler adjustment of ball socket tension using standard 1/2" wrench and 1/8" allen wrench.
  • Significantly stronger 6061 aluminum ball sockets allowing significantly stiffer tension.
  • Stronger ball sockets take more abuse.
  • Head design is lighter, narrower and overall smaller.
  • Tighter tolerances, more precision fit.
  • Deep, rich black anodized finish.