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Kramer Designs Corporation

RRS-M2 Swarovski EL Mount

RRS-M2 Swarovski EL Mount

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This mount is designed to replace the front hinge pin on all the EL-32s, 42s, and 50s. This includes the range finding editions of the ELs. The front hinge replacement does not effect the binocular's collimation, as that is done in the Schmidt-Pechan roof prism assembly. This mount can only be installed by Kramer Designs Corporation in our shop. We have the specialized tooling for removal and replacement. The RRS-M2 is manufactured out of 416-stainless steel. All original parts are returned for reversal if desired. Allow 3-4 days turnaround for the swap. Pricing is combined with shipping, and has three options.  Considering the value of these world class binos, KDC has two separate prices as listed next.

  1. No insurance on return shipment (Low price)
  2. 2,500 insurance on return shipment (High price)
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