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Granite Peak Tripods

Granite Peak Tripods

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Leg Length

The Granite Peak Tripod legs are based on the same ball socket leg attachment design used in the V2-SnipePod.  Similar in function to the 3L-V2 SnipePod combo, but does not break down and provide the shooting bipod. Excellent choice for the archer, or back country treker who does not have the need for the long range shooting assistance of the V2-SnipePod.  Or, the rifleman who wants to separate the functions of glassing and shooting so the these two roles can be performed concurrently.

There are two panhead options for the top of the Granite Peak. 

First is the basic single ball pan head. This "4th" ball has a 1/4X20tpi threaded shaft for direct attachment of optics and  accessories.

The other option is the KDC-NanoHead for the ultimate in isolated 2 axis panning, high precision, ball bearing smoothness and unmatched in minimalized bulk and weight.  The NanoHead accepts all the RRS attachments like the RRS-OBA, RRS-Foot, RRS-Yoke, RRS-BinoTower.

Both the basic single ball and the NanoHead thread on to the Granite Peak leg junction via the proprietary KDC thread.  See pictures for clarification. 


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