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3L Third Leg Conversion for V2-SnipePod sitting models

3L Third Leg Conversion for V2-SnipePod sitting models

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The 3L conversion attaches to the V2-SnipePod. It uses the slot and locking push/pull attachment pin on the ball socket unit of the V2, similar to attaching the V2 to your firearm. Once attached, a thumbscrew removes all freeplay between the V2 and 3L, thereby creating a solid tripod leg union. In this configuration, the 3L/V2 combo is functionally identical to the Granite Peak tripod, but weights under 3 ounces. Very popular with the extreme backcountry mountain hunters where weight and bulk are prime considerations. 

There are two panhead options for the top of the 3L conversion. 

First is the basic single ball pan head. This "4th" ball has a 1/4X20tpi threaded shaft for direct attachment of optics and  accessories.

The other option is the KDC-NanoHead for the ultimate in isolated 2 axis panning, high precision, ball bearing smoothness and unmatched in minimalized bulk and weight.  The NanoHead accepts all the RRS attachments like the RRS-OBA, RRS-Foot, RRS-Yoke, RRS-BinoTower.

Both the basic single ball and the NanoHead thread on to the 3L  via the proprietary KDC thread.  See pictures for clarification. 

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