The RRS-Nanohead is an incredible engineering masterpiece. CNC machined from 6061-T651 billet aluminum, it operates like a fine Swiss watch. Other panheads on the market frivolously calls their offering lightweight, ultra-lightweight or even microweight. Given that the Nanohead is typically 1/2 to 1/5 of the weight and size of these other panheads, calling it light, ultra or micro weight just did not do it justice.  Hence I decided on NANO which as a unit of measure meaning one-billionth. Now the Nanohead is not that much lighter and smaller, but the name conveyed the drastic improvement you will experience.   


The NanoHead has two axis's, separately controlled, giving you precise adjustability to control grid searches, looking for that trophy of a lifetime. 

The vertical axis panning is controlled by the knurled handle with precise braking adjustment. Buttery smooth movement provided by dual Delrin/Acetal bushings. 

The horizontal axis panning floats on two deep groove miniature ball bearings. These ball bearings provide tight yet glass smooth panning. The RED  thumbwheel applies the brakes to the horizontal axis, simple and easy to operate.

The top of the NanoHead incorporates the same quick locking hotshoe design that mates with all the KDC RRS accessories. 

The NanoHead replaces the single ball head that comes with the Granite Peak tripod and the 3L V2 conversion leg.  It threads on using the same proprietary thread that the knurled thumbwheel on the Granite Peak and 3L use.

All this, in a product that weighs only 2.6 ounces! 
Yes, the scale reads 2.6 ounces! And Yes again, with a Granite Peak 33 and
RRS-OBA, and RRS-BinoTower only 10.5 ounces!
Adding to the versatility, are two adapters which allow the NanoHead to be directly threaded onto any 1/4X20tpi or 3/8x16tpi tripod leg system.
1/4X20tpi Adaptor
3/8X16tpi Adaptor

Another special adapter plate for the top shoe allow the NanoHead to accept Swiss-Arca hotshoes via a 1/4X20tpi thread centrally located in the top center of the NanoHead mount.


Swiss Arca Adapter (Purple for illustration)

Swiss Arch HotShoe installed on RRS-NanoHead

Swiss Arca shoe and foot weights 4.2oz, NanoHead weights 2.6oz!!!

The RRS-OBA (Optics Balance Adjuster) will slide into NanoHead hotshoe and allow easy, quick and precise dynamic adjustment of your optic balance point. This is one of the secrets to why a product family so light and small can easily handle large heavy optics.