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Prone V2s
V2-10SnipePod V2 10 Prone" legs$125Add to Shopping Cart
V2-13SnipePod V2 13 Prone" legs$125Add to Shopping Cart
Sitting V2s
V2-24SnipePod V2 24" Sitting$135Add to Shopping Cart
V2-27SnipePod V2 27" Sitting$135Add to Shopping Cart
V2-30SnipePod V2 30" Sitting$135Add to Shopping Cart
V2-33SnipePod V2 33" Sitting$135Add to Shopping Cart
Standing V2s
V2-57SnipePod V2 57" Standing$150Add to Shopping Cart
V2-64SnipePod V2 64" Standing$150Add to Shopping Cart
V2-72SnipePod V2 72" Standing$150Add to Shopping Cart
3L Tripod Conversion for V2s
3L-10Tripod conversion for V2-10$85Add to Shopping Cart
3L-13Tripod conversion for V2-13$85Add to Shopping Cart
3L-24Tripod conversion for V2-24$90Add to Shopping Cart
3L-27Tripod conversion for V2-27$90Add to Shopping Cart
3L-30Tripod conversion for V2-30$90Add to Shopping Cart
3L-33Tripod conversion for V2-33$90Add to Shopping Cart
3L-57Tripod conversion for V2-57$115Add to Shopping Cart
3L-64Tripod conversion for V2-64$115Add to Shopping Cart
3L-72Tripod conversion for V2-72$115Add to Shopping Cart
Granite Peak Tripods
GP-24Granite Peak Tripod 24"$115Add to Shopping Cart
GP-27Granite Peak Tripod 27"$115Add to Shopping Cart
GP-30Granite Peak Tripod 30"$115Add to Shopping Cart
GP-33Granite Peak Tripod 33"$115Add to Shopping Cart
GP-42Granite Peak Tripod 42"$115Add to Shopping Cart
V2 Firearm Mounts
V2-QDMTIndividual V2-QDMT$22Add to Shopping Cart
V2-PICPicatinny Mount V2-PIC$37Add to Shopping Cart
Rapid Release System Components
RRS-OBA-FRRS Optic Balance Adjuster Flush Screw$32Add to Shopping Cart
RRS-OBA-KRRS Optic Balance Adjuster Knurled Thumbscrew$32Add to Shopping Cart
RRS-BTRRS Binocular Tower$70Add to Shopping Cart
RRS-BT-M1RRS Bino 1/4X20 Mount$18Add to Shopping Cart
RRS-BT-M2RRS Bino Swarovski EL hinge pin
requires factory installation
$80Add to Shopping Cart
RRS-ShoeRRS Shoe$64Add to Shopping Cart
RRS-FootRRS Foot$16Add to Shopping Cart
V2 Holsters
V2-Hol-KAKV2 Holster Khaki$25Add to Shopping Cart
V2-Hol-BLKV2 Holster Black$25Add to Shopping Cart

Special Notes

Note #1

Every SnipePod V2 comes complete with one (1) V2-QDMT. Additional V2-QDMTs can be purchased for installing on other firearms. This allows quick shifting of the SnipePod V2 Leg Unit from firearm to firearm.

Note #2

Kramer Designs Corporation has a custom shop for special requests. Standing models custom manufactured to the individuals needs are common. Also special SnipePod V2 to accommodate handicap shooters are common.

Custom models are available only direct from Kramer Designs Corp.

Shipping & Handling Charges

Unless special arrangements are made, we use UPS Ground to ship to the lower 48 states. Rates vary depending on package weight and distance from Clancy Montana. Please visit WWW.UPS.COM for rate quotes.

We use USPS Priority mail to ship to Alaska and Hawaii.

To ship to Canada we use the USPS and Canadian Postal system. Canadian shipments typically are as fast as USA shipments in about 90% of the cases. The other 10% mysteriously can take as along as 3-4 weeks.

Other overseas orders will also be shipped via USPS.

Individual V2-QDMTs are typically shipped via USPS First Class in a padded envelope at a flat rate of $4.00

Product Return Policy

Kramer Designs Corporation will accept product returns with the following stipulations:

Kramer Designs Corporation accept Discover, VISA, and MasterCard card