V2 Holster

The V2 Holster is designed to provide a convenient and quick access solution for packing V2 SnipePods. The holster utilizes a modified mounting system, similar to the QDMT (gun mount). The push-pull pin of the V2 SnipePod engages with a blade attached to the roof (top flap) of the holster and provides a reliable and secure connection. The natural weight of the V2 SnipePod will close the roof of the holster, while the two side flaps wrap around the V2 SnipePod and are held in place by a snap buckle.
Horizontal Belt Attachment
Holster Front
Holster Back
Vertical Pack Strap AttachmentInside view of latched SnipePodTop view of holster

The V2 Holster is available in BLACK or KHAKI ballastic nylon fabric. Currently the V2 Holster is designed to only fit the sitting and prone model V2 SnipePods.

Picatinny Rail V2 SnipePod Mount 01/01/2013

Forrest Kramer with his
S&W AR15
V2-Pic pre leg attachmentV2 SnipePod attached to V2-PIC

The V2-PIC provides a direct picitanny mounting solution for the V2-SnipePod. At 133 grains (or .304 of an ounce) the V2-PIC is lighter than most 30 caliber bullets. Simple, clean and easy to install.

A major advantage of the picatinny rail is that it allows you to attach the V2-SnipePod in many locations. Move it out to the front of the rail for the maximum stability on long range shots or bring it back close to the receiver to allow greater panning capabilities with less upper body movement! Great for those close in, fast moving targets like coyotes. Install two V2-PICs and don't make your final V2-SnipePod location to the last possible moment.