3L-V2 Tripod Conversion

3L-V2 Tripod Overview

3L-V2 Conversion Sequenced
shown with optional KDC Quick System
50mm Razor HD Angle Courtsey of Vortex Optics
Mountain hunting typically provides for long range shooting and long range viewing. This reality enables the intelligent back country hunter to leverage the capabilities of quality optics. This starts with high quality binoculars with medium to large objective lenses to maximize light gathering capabilities at dusk and dawn. This also includes spotting scopes with higher magnification.

Strategic use of optics can save great amounts of hiking and allow selective targeting of worthy hunting opportunities.

As important as optics are to the intelligent hunter, there is a price in weight. Weight trade offs are a constant issue for back country hunting. Another issue is optic stability. 10 power and larger binoculars can be difficult to hold steady for comfortable long term viewing. These binocular or spotting scope require support. Typical tripod options are bulky and heavy, two of the biggest negatives for the back country trekker.

KDC understands the most important factors to the back country hunter, weight and bulk. Our loyal customers will testify to the superior and liberating advantages of the V2 SnipePod. The lightness and functionally of the V2 SnipePod are light years ahead of the other bipods on the market. KDC applies this same razor sharp focus to the 3L-V2 Tripod conversion.

The sitting models of the V2 SnipePod all tip the scale at an amazing 5 ounces or less. The 3L-V2 Tripod conversion tips the scale at under 2 ounces! Imagine shedding the typical bulky multi-pound tripod for a 2 ounce 3L-V2 Tripod conversion that fits into the palm or your hand. Now that is liberating! It does not matter if you are young or old, when if comes to the mountains, if you can pack lighter, you can travel further with greater comfort, no exceptions.

3L V2 conversion closeups
with and without KDC Rapid-Release System
50mm Razor courtesy of Vortex Optics

The 3L-V2 Tripod conversion is designed to leverage your existing V2 SnipePod that you use for shooting. The 3L-V2 Tripod is simply one more leg, the same length as your V2 SnipePod that quickly snaps into the top ball socket assembly and provides a 1/4" X 20 TPI optic stud for attaching optics and cameras.

Tripod with triple string
and water bottle weight on 20 side hill
Closeup of Triple-String clip installation
3L-V2 combo shown with optional OBA3L-V2 combo shown with optional OBA and
KDC Rapid-Release Shoe
KDC Pres Terry Kramer with Tripod V2 conversion on side hill

The 3L-V2 Tripod is intended for the class of optics that one would consider packable for back country usage. In other words, that wonderful 80mm spotting scope that is attached to your pickup trucks door window, is outside of the design intentions of the 3L-V2 Tripod. Because of weight and bulk, the vast majority of these spotting scopes never get more than a short distance from that pickup truck.

But if you have a set of binoculars that are capable of mounting to a tripod, or a compact spotting scope, your are fine. Examples of compact spotting scopes that are appropriate and designed for back country usage include in no specific order:

Each 3L-V2 Tripod conversion comes with a triple-string as show in accompanying photo. The triple-string has CNC machined clips with a slot to allow slipping over the bungee cord and then over the silver inside Easton tube ferrule. Once the leg is assembled, the bungee cord holds the clips in place. Install the clips on the second ferrule from the top of the leg. Spreading each of the three legs out just enough to introduce a sligh bow to the legs will further enhance stability. The optional OBA is so you can compensate for optics that do not have their female 1/4 X 20 attachment point properly place at the balance point.

Like the V2 SnipePod, the 3L-V2 Tripod conversion has a ball socket on the top of the leg. This allows the third leg to be placed independently around ground obstacles or to adjust for inclines. Once the legs are positioned for maximum viewer comfort, attach a weight to the center of the triple string. The accompanying photo shows a full water bottle, and I have also used a small bag with a hook that will hold a couple of fist size rock for a simple disposable weight. The extra weight, placed low to the ground, will greatly improve stability on those windy days.